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Delivered from constant witchcraft attack:

A friend of mine invited me to this commission because I have been having serious witchcraft attacks almost every night. This thing has been happening and frustrating me. So when I came here, the man of God located me and told me exactly what i was going through and i said yes, you are right. So he prayed for me and told me that i will never have such attack again. After the prayer till today, i have never had any attack, i now sleep fine. I want to thank God for using His servant to address this witchcraft attack. Praise God! [Bro. Michael] 


Evil conspiracy nullified under this Grace:

I had an issue that almost landed in jail. I was surrounded by people who disliked me. There was an arrangement against me, it was an issue concerning robbery and kidnap in my work place. A lot of people owed me money at my work place, so it looked as if I wanted to close the business and run away, but the God of Higher Treasure Pavilion intervened for me. The people who were against me got exposed and fired. (Bro. Anazia Louis).

Saved from Death by accident under this Grace: 

On a Saturday morning my mum received a call that my uncle had an accident. I am here to return all the glory for the praise on the altar of Higher Treasure Pavilion concerning my life and extended family; he was alive despite the fatal accident. (Sis. Ezeugo Maryjane Nkechi)

Delivered From Kidnappers:

After mid-week service on Wednesday I was in my car going home, when four men approached me and put me at the back seat. It was a kidnap case because the next place I found myself was in the bush. While I was there, I remembered Papa’s declaration on the 1st of January 2019 that no one whose feet have been washed will go down. My younger brother came to meet Papa and God’s servant declared that before the end of that day that I will come back alive. And I came back alive before the end of the day as declared. I am here to glorify the God of Higher Treasure Pavilion on this altar. (Bro. Ken).

Financial Breakthrough:

I left Lagos state in 2013 back to Enugu because of hardship. 2 years later nothing was still working in my life, my younger sister Mrs. Ijeoma has been a member of this commission, seeing the work of God in people’s lives, she invited me to join in one of the services. I drove from Enugu to attend a Sunday service @ this commission. In the course of the service the man of God ministered to me by prophecy and told me that I will bounce back to financial increase in 14 days. In less than 14 days as he prophesied I meet a man who connected me to a contractor where I supplied 40 trailer load of cement to a construction company. Since then my life has been all glorious in terms of finances, Glory to God!

[Mr. Chike Okeke]

Asthma Healed and Delay Broken:

I joined this commission in the month of April 2015. Prior to my joining this commission, I have been suffering a health condition that makes me live on drugs everyday of my life for many years. In the month of June in our prophetic services, the man of God ministered to me and told me that the affliction is over. Right from that moment the asthma I suffered for many years ceased. Till today I am free.

Secondly broke the power of delay and lack of progress in my husband’s life. He has been a professional karate fighter who has never been invited to represent Nigeria or Delta state for 15 years. In one of the Sunday service in June, the man of God told my husband that if only one person will be called to represent Nigeria in the 2015/2016 all Africa games in Congo Brazzaville, it must be my husband. To God be the glory, for the first time in 15 years my husband was invited to represent Nigeria.

[Mrs. Faith Sullan]

HIV Positive Destroyed:

In 2014 I was diagnosed of HIV positive. A friend invited me to a Wednesday prophetic service at Treasure house. The man of God ministered to many people but he never touched me. At the end of the service, he gave out miracle water to people. I did not want to collect because I have been to many places because of my condition yet with no solution. My girl friend collected water on my behalf and persuaded me to use it. I used the water once and forgot about it. Within 5 days of my coming into this commission, I felt different in my body so I decided to go for a test. The result came out and declared me HIV negative. I returned all the praises to God.

[Sis. Joy E.]

pregnancy of 28 years delivered from cockroaches:

I was pregnant for 28years. I have gone to many places to no avail. I was living in pain all my life. Until one day my elder sister Deaconess Rita invited me to one of the service. The servant of God prayed for me and gave me miracle water, and when I got home I took the miracle water. After some hour I began to feel some rumbling in my stomach as if it was labor. When I went to the rest room, to my greatest surprise what came out of my system was cockroaches. I gather the cockroaches and I took them to the church in Asaba. Since then I am healthy. Glory be to God


Three afflictions died mysteriously by sis. Doris:

My mother have been having health challenges, nothing was working for my family and we were struggling to survive; until one day I brought my mother to this church and the servant of God prophesied to her that three women are afflicting her home. Then the servant of God prayed for my mum and told her that God will expose the three women afflicting her home. The good news is that last month the three women died mysteriously, one slumped and died on her way to the farm, the other woman died putting her head inside the pot of soup she was cooking in her kitchen and the other one slept and never woke up again all in one day.

After their death my mother’s health returned back to normal; there was a job I believed God for and that same week they called me for an interview and the job was given to me. GLORY TO JESUS.






There was a lump on my breast and the pain was becoming severe all the time of which I have to go for a medical checkup and the doctor confirmed that it was breast cancer. On Wednesday service when the servant of God was ministering and as he passed through me the sweat on his body touched me. I used the sweat to wipe my breast and ever since that day the pain disappeared. I am permanently healed. GLOY TO JESUS



I was a Muslim before I joined this commission ,I was having heart problem and I went for diagnoses the result was that I have a hole in my heart and I was diagnosed to India for surgery. I was confused because there was no money anywhere to fly me abroad for the surgery of which I have to put my two iphones and my jeep for sale, but I decided to come and see the servant of God,I explained everything to him and he prayed for me and said that I should go back to the same hospital and run the test again. When the result came out, to my greatest surprise there was no hole in my heart again and till today I am healed and delivered. GLORY BE TO JESUS



Ever since I joined this commission my story has changed for good and this made me believe there is God in this commission. I have a place where I do my business since I came back from Lagos state to delta state since the month of July. In my hotel where I do my business, I never knew I was surrounded by unfriendly fiend. There was a friend of mine I lodged in my hotel for six months free of charge without collecting any money from him. I never knew that my friend was eying my business of which he connived with some people and they went to tell my director to collect four months for the hotel I leased instead of the one month payment we agreed on and he wanted to push me out of the hotel that was leased to me. My director called me and gave me four days to provide four hundred thousand naira and at this point in time I was not having up to eighty thousand naira in my account. When it was three days to raise the money or I lose the business, I was reallystruggling with my mind because there was no money anywhere but when I went to my door I saw the church sticker that says “THIS IS MY YEAR OF GRCEFULL SPEED AND NOT THE YEAR OF SETBACK. I PICKED MY phone and I called the servant of God but he did not answer. Then I sent him a sms; he replied me and said the story will change I possess the word and declared it upon my life because I have only one day to vacate the hotel. By 10am a friend of mine working in an oil company called me and ask me have you not received the alert? I said no then he said go and check your account I have just deposited the sum of five hundred thousand naira now into your account and ever since that day my story changed. I walked with audacity to my director with the four hundred thousand naira. My story changed for good .GLORY TO JESUS




I had been suffering from spirit husband for many years. I have gone to many churches and deliverance all to no avail until one day a friend of mine invited me to this church in the month of July. The man of God prayed a deliverance prayer for me and after the prayer, in the night the spirit husband came to me and ask me who prayed for me? And I answered and said it is papa. He asked me which of the papas that there are many papas? And I answered again and said it is papa OBI PETERS. He said if it is papa obi peters you are delivered and ever since today I have not had any encounter with the spirit husband. I AM DELIVERED GLORY TO JESUS

I have also been suffering from asthma for many years before I joined this commission. I have taken all manner of medications but all to no avail until one day my mother told me to call the God of my father OBI PETERS to heal me and I called the god of my father and prayed. After the prayer the asthma died forever .PRAISE GOD.



One day one of my neighbored called and was crying and she said her father is dead, when we go to the hospital the doctors confirmed the man dead. I wanted to call my papa but I said I will not disturb my papa I went to my house I took the miracle water and I sprinkled it on the dead man and he came back to life. Till today the man is healthy and strong



On Wednesday service while we were still in the church, The servant of God prophesied to us that he saw fire burning in my house, but he saw an angel of the lord with a bucket of water putting off the fire. When we got home that night we saw that some part of the building was burnt by fire but did not destroy anything in the building. How the fire went off we did not understand, it can only be God. Glory to Jesus




I WAS TRAVELLING FOR AN INTERVIEW AND ON OUR WAY we ran into arm robbers and when they asked everybody to lie down I remembered that I have my papa’s miracle water in my bag. I brought out the miracle water and began to call on the GOD OF MY FATHER IN THE LORD APST OBINNA PETERS and as I was praying one of the arm robbers saw me and took the water from me and drank the water, after taking the water he said this must be a man of GOD and gave me back the empty can. they began to shoot everywhere, I held the empty can of miracle water on my forehead and the empty can waged the bullet that could have killed Me. Glory to Jesus


Dead woman came back to life by bro. Julius Ikeji:

I want to thank the god of higher treasure pavilion for what he did in the life of my mother. Last month my mother was sick and the sickness became so worst that she stop breathing and her body became so cold that she died in my present , she stop breathing and her body was cold; I was helpless in the house then I remembered we have papas calendar in our house. I wrapped her with the calendar and I said God of higher treasure pavilion you will not let my mother go like this. After some minutes her body was hot again and my mother came back to life. Praise God


Pregnancy of 17 months delivered by sis Anthonia from Agbor:

My name is Anthonia from Agbor. I was pregnant for the man that proposed to marry me; the mother never wanted the man to marry me. She said that I want to use the pregnancy to tie his son. And she made a vow that over her dead body will she see me deliver the child. Then the battle started I carried the pregnancy for 17 months I was in pain and looking like an old woman. I have gone to many places all to no avail, until one day one of my girlfriend who is a member of this commission invited me to this church. When I came God used his servant to minister to me. The servant of God prayed for me and released a word upon my life that before seven days I will put to bed a bouncing baby boy. After four days of the prayer I put to bed a bouncing baby boy as the man of God said. Praise God


Delivered from spiritual bullet. Sis. Abigail:

I was in my house and I heard a sound of gun shut from now where and it was as if bullet hit my body but I saw no blood. Since then I started noticing hotness in my body and it was burning like fire that I could not sleep. I told my friend what I was passing through and she said she will take me to their church. When I came the servant of God minister to me that there is a strange bullet in my body then he prayed for me and ministered miracle water on my body and seven strange bullet came out of my body. Since then I am delivered.

Lump on the breast healed during wonders of praise by sis. Favour choir:

I am a member of the choir, there was a lump on my breast, and the pain was so severe that it gives me sleepless night all the time. On September night of justice tagged “Wonders Of Praise, papa said we should place our hands on any part of our body were we are having pain and I placed my hand on my breast and instantly I was healed, the lump disappeared. PRAISE GOD



Divine advancement in career after a prolonged stagnation

A woman was placed in charge of a department in the government house which she has been there for years without any recommendation, but by the grace of God, she made contact with Rev. Obi Peters, and later testified to the goodness of God in her life. Again her child who has been under attack for years became free.

Sis. Chinyere Onyeoma. Imo state.




13 years of land dispute resolved

Thanking God for what He has been doing in my life and family- for over thirteen years, there has been a dispute over land matter which has been taking my family to court often and often.  Under the grace of Rev. Obi Peters, 3 month later we were announced the owner of the land in the court. Glory to God!

Sis. Harriet.


Survived a terrific accident

I survived an accident which was projected by the evil one- on my way to school in a motorcycle, there came a sudden wave which threw us off the road to the bush and left our bike damaged without me sustaining any injury. Both the motor cycle and the bike man were seriously injured but I was sound and safe.  I return all the praise to the God of Rev. Obi Peters

Sis. Favour Azikiwe.


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