Branding - With Rev. OBI PETERS



Ist Service: 7am 0ct. 30th 2016

   Branding does not have anything to do with your ability but your effort. 

Divine effort stops when human ability stops.

Human effort is a catalyst for divine effort.

Where your effort stops that is when you have terminated divine effort.

Anytime God wants to make a man, He needs divine effort.

It is what you don’t know how to do and began to do that God comes into that thing to help you.

Effort is not ability; for instance where God has given you assignment, it requires your effort to do that not ability.

Any man that will emerge a champion in life does not need ability, what he needs is effort.


The leprous men were not able to conquer; they left their ability to conquer soldiers. They leprous effort became the sound of mighty men.

Men will always judge you by your ability because they haven’t seen your effort.

Do you know what your effort can do for you? Do you know that your hand work is in your effort, not your ability.

In the book of Psalm 139:14

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully [and] wonderfully made: marvellous [are] thy works; and [that] my soul knoweth right well.” [Psalm 139:14(KJV)]


Do you know that your change depends on your effort and not by your ability?


Prayer: I prophesy today as you begin to work with your effort today, that effort will begin to make men work towards you.

You may look small that’s your ability, but your effort is not in your ability.

Life does not answer to your ability, it answers to your effort.


Your credentials do not matter in the affairs of life but you effort. Your qualification and training matter a little, what matters most is your inspiration. When you are not in inspiration, you are expired.

Inspiration is not always initiated by God. Inspirations are mostly the product of your desire. When you want to become a better man, you need to allow things of the positive inspire you. When you want to become a negative person, you allow things of the negative inspire you.

When a man is born short, tall, thin or fat; he is a wonder. He is a wonder by how he was created. What will make you a wonder is the effort you put to improve yourself. When you refuse to improve yourself, God will leave you the way you are.

So, when God creates you, you need to improve yourself because there is something in you that will not be refined until you improve yourself.

Men must pay attention to their inner self than the outer self.

What is a brand?

  1. A brand is something that is exceptional from other brand.       
  2. Something that is rare.
  3. Something that is uncommon.

Coca cola and Pepsi are same products but different brands.

Indomie and Tummy tummy are all noodles but different brands.

We are made to be creators of wonder and make men marvel.

Branding does not have anything to do with your ability but your effort.

The reason why certain men will never go far in life and in their purpose in life is because of the kind of branding they have consciously made themselves.

As a believer you are meant to make men marvel. You may look like them but you are of a different brand and kind. It is your brand that will make men to celebrate you.

You can be a wife but of a different brand; there are wives and there are knives. Others can talk anyhow but you cannot. You should be a man or a woman that when others meet you they will marvel, wow! That’s why God made us beautiful and wonderful.

You can build your own brand with a difference. You can be a worker but a different one. You can be a force person with a difference because you are a different brand.

You cannot change someone by your ability but by your effort.

There are some when others meet them, they start having heart attack.

It’s not God that changes your brand, it is you that changes it by your effort and not by prayers.

There are certain attitudes in us that are attitudes of 1908; It does not work in the 21st century. You need to improve and work on yourself.

Branding talks about-

  1. Talks about your image and identity.
  2. What men should talk about you when they encounter you.
  3. Means that you develop a positive attitude that you have established.
  4. Accepting responsibility
  5. Talks about you managing yourself and time.
  6. Means you believing in yourself, dreams and in God.

Without branding yourself, there are certain heights you won’t attain in life.

Question: If men meet you, will they be grateful to God that they met you?

Prayer of commitment: Lord, amplify my effort and make men begin to celebrate me as I begin the journey of improving myself.

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