Handling Failures and Mistakes - [Rev. Obi Peters]

These are Factors that determine the outcome of any man’s destiny. This subject is something that happens to us on a daily basis. Sometime they occur hourly, daily or weekly.

Child of God anything you can not handle on earth will handle you. Anything that looks like a weakness in your life that you failed to handle will handle you; and the outcome does not always favour that person.


“He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy [is] he.” [Proverbs 16:20 KJV]


No matter what happens, the outcome in any form of mistake is designed to make you better.

What is a mistake?

Mistakes are those things that want to make you feel as though you are not getting it, those things that expose your weaknesses, those things that make everyone see how vulnerable you are, things that tell you about your imperfection.


No man in the journey of destiny gets there without any little factor. Many have given up because of mistake; many have buried up their heads in shame and said they can not continue because they have no will strength and manage the situation.

Mistakes are part of what we see in life. The difference between a success and a failure is because one accepted his mistakes and continued, while the other quits.

God said to me that, “Every mistake and error is an asset.”

Mistakes tells you what you did not do right and not to do it again. It shows you where you did not get it right yesterday and never to do it again.


What is an asset?

An asset is that property that ensures your security tomorrow.

Mistakes are not liability.

Mistake does not come for negative purposes, it comes for positive purposes. (Romans 8:28... For we know that [all things] work together for the good of them that love God….” [All things] include your mistakes and failures.) So when you make a mistake, God allows you to make that mistake, because failure allows you to improve better.

Many people run away from their pastors because they made a mistake; they run away from their assembly out of shame because they feel that their pastor is aware of their mistakes.

One of the things you must learn as a believer or leader is how to correct the error of yesterday today. God allows mistake to teach us something. Some are no longer with their husbands today because of mistakes; meanwhile what they didn’t know, is that, mistake is not the end of their lives. When you have problem in your job, it happened so that it will teach you what to do in order to maintain that job. Any time there is a question about your life, character, or work; is a course for improvement because it shows that something is wrong.

If you are a woman who finds herself in a relationship that the man always complain, or anyone who comes around you complain, then it means there is something you need to correct.

“You don’t improve on yourself by being arrogant or sleeping on your mistakes, you must take a deliberate effort to improve on your personality.”


Declaration: Today, somebody here, the better you will come up!


Why do we make mistakes?

1. It is not dangerous to fail. There is no danger in making a mistake. The only danger there is if the individual does not turn the situation around for the good.

2. Mistakes happen in the life of a man to ensure that he does not repeat yesterday’s mistake today

3. We make mistakes in order to find out what went wrong yesterday and to develop new ideas to improve on today. Some people do things consciously, it is called willful insubordination. Willful insubordination is when you know that what you are about doing is wrong and still went on to do it, that is no longer a mistake.

4. Intellectual honesty: Accepting that you are wrong. The problem is that some people do not want to accept their wrong. But when a man refuses to accept his wrongs, he prolongs the effect of that mistake.

Note: The objective of every mistake is to leave you with a negative mindset. And in most cases, this mindset becomes a permanent negative mindset. Giving you a lecture that you can never go beyond that level of perfection.

The place of intellectual honesty must never be overlooked.

5. Avoid arrogance: You must shun your pride and take immediate action to correct your mistakes. Try to shun every action of, my dear; you didn’t get it right; trying to make all men believe that all is well meanwhile you are dying. The unwillingness to face the fact that you are not perfect and engage in learning is one of the causes of mistake.

6. Endure the process: success is a process and mistakes are part of this process. A man’s success is not measured by the number of success that he has, rather by the number of errors and mistakes he was able to turn around. Albert Aiastene made mistake 999 times, yet he didn’t see himself as a failure; rather he evaluated all the processes of error.

When you do not evaluate your errors, you will keep making them. An error that is not corrected is an error that will destroy you.”


Mistakes come to you to help you embrace growth. As long as you learn from a mistake and establish a rule for your future action, you are grown.

The mistake you have made yesterday and today does not make you a lesser person, it came to make you grow the more. So your edge in life is learning from your mistakes.

Mistakes are product of pride and decisions.


Prayer: Father, open my eyes to discover the mistakes that I have made in my life. Father any mistake that I am living comfortably in; I receive the grace and wisdom to walk away from them. Father I bring all my decision and submit them to you, make my mind to work well in the midst of them.

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