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Men are God’s calendar for divine programs. God does not need to come down when He can assign men as His representatives. This is practically seen in the book of Exodus, when the Israelites who were under torment cried out unto God and He sent a man by the name of Moses as a deliverer. The greatest answer to the challenges of men is a man sent by God. Today, lots of prayers are ascending to heaven with few answers coming down. The challenge is that many who should be deliverers like Moses, Gideon and Esther are busying pursuing personal agenda at the expense of other’s destinies. God is asking again like He did in Isaiah 6… “Who shall I send”? God sought for a man who will stand in the gap but yet found none…guess what? Disaster looms. The outcome of disobedience cannot be overemphasized, that is why many are called but few are chosen.


In the event of life, there is no such a phrase as coincidence. God is a God of order and He orders time and season. Like the children of Issachar who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do, the challenge of this generation is that spiritual priorities have been misplaced. Christ has ushered in grace in this dispensation by blessing us with 5 ministerial gifts…Ephe 4:11-13. Consequently, that grace has appeared to all men by the Christ incarnate (Born again Believers). Every promptings in the heart of God to man is designed for empowerment, not for entertainment.

ACHALLA IBUSA CRUSADE is one of such programs orchestrated by heaven to leave eternal impact on men. The 4 synoptic gospels accorded Christ as an avatar of light when it said: “Those that sat in darkness by the way of the sea have seen a great light (salvation, Christ the savior and deliverer)” Matt 4:16, luke 1:79, John 12:46. Every program of God is a calculated attempt to save the lost. Beloveth, here is a call to experience God.

What people are saying

A lot who have seen the flyer of this program and on social media handles are like, ‘I can’t wait for this day to come up’. Some others are engrossed by the graphic design/print…wondering…’how will this day be’? Presumably, some are beginning to imagine in their mind the display of glory and awesome power of God that will break out on that day. It’s a talk in town because already the air heralds it everywhere. On my own, I know the whole place will be shaken; certainly our finite minds can by no match comprehend the full weight of the glory that shall invade earth that day. I know it’s awesome because destinies shall be liberated from the grip of Satan.


Get ready for this solemn assembly with Apst. Obi Peters, a man highly used of God to wrought deliverance in these last days. Grace on two legs and an embodiment of the anointing. Come with expectantion and be rest assured that your answer is now. Don’t come alone, tell others about it and invite them also.

For enquiries call us on: 08032745001


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Save the DATE  22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th


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