The TREASURE PAVILION MINISTRIES is a word based church with an in-depth understanding and operation of the oil. +++ +++ The ministry is raised to teach men their value placed and conferred on them by the redemptive grace of our Lord Jesus. +++ +++ It’s mandated to “Raise Treasures in earthen vessels, transforming them into true worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ” II Cor. 4:7. +++ +++ God spoke to His servant via Exodus 19:5 “Now therefore, if ye will keep My covenant, then shall ye be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people!

The Treasure Pavilion Ministries is more than a church; it’s an end time movement with a mandate of raising treasures in earthen vessels and transforming them into 'true worshipers' of our LORD Jesus Christ. Beloved, we are living in the most interesting time in history where God's glory is moving in an unusual way. The day of His power where men will carry His glory literally to the streets and market places. I see God already moving, touching lives... get ready for this power because it's not exclusively reserved for the clergy alone; you too is a partaker. Worship with us at The Treasure Pavilion Ministries- a hall of transformation. It promises to catapult you to your glorious destiny in God. The word is mighty & God via the Prophetic mantle upon my life is liberating destinies oppressed of the devil and his cohorts. Fellowship in any of our branches & let's have your comments, suggestions and prayer request via mail to:            



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● A Lady escapes death after been poisoned by her friend over a man

I used to think it’s only on Nollywood movies such happens; not until I witnessed it myself. It was like a movie happening within a short moment around chichi borehole area, Akwuebulu Asaba. The incident actually happened in an outreach ground where Higher Treasure pavilion, a known church within the metropolis held a crusade that busy cold evening. This young lady was carried into the program ground by two persons on her way returning from a restaurant that night, throwing up and very unconscious.


The man of God who was already preaching saw her and asked what has happened to her. Miraculously, God opened his eyes that instance to what has transpired between her and the friend earlier same day. She is been envied by her friend over a guy she is going out with and out of desperation to snatch her man away, poisoned a five alive juice and gave her to drink. Already, the friend who poisoned the juice had said she was travelling for reasons only known to her so that peradventure she dies, no one would notice or point fingers on her.


Eventually, Rev. Obi Peters made it clear to the crowd who for some reasons had wanted to suspect the restaurant she ate last as been responsible. All eyes were fastened at the dying lady who was losing strength per second when the man of God bent down to pray for her, and sprinkling anointed water, commanded the poison to come out of her body. The curious crowd still looking to see whether she will die or not, were amazed when suddenly, she began to respond to consciousness and threw up the poison few minutes later.


Like I could read some person’s mind who was there, for already some had wished if they were in her shoes, would go after the friend and tear her into pieces. To the amazement of all, the man of God told the lady not to go fight her friend but keep calm because something terrible will befall her friend.

We should be careful of those we call our friends; imagine how this lady would have ended up if not for God’s intervention. Perhaps, the poor woman managing her restaurant business would have been falsely accused and apprehended over what she doesn’t know about.

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