The TREASURE PAVILION MINISTRIES is a word based church with an in-depth understanding and operation of the oil. +++ +++ The ministry is raised to teach men their value placed and conferred on them by the redemptive grace of our Lord Jesus. +++ +++ It’s mandated to “Raise Treasures in earthen vessels, transforming them into true worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ” II Cor. 4:7. +++ +++ God spoke to His servant via Exodus 19:5 “Now therefore, if ye will keep My covenant, then shall ye be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people!

The Treasure Pavilion Ministries is more than a church; it’s an end time movement with a mandate of raising treasures in earthen vessels and transforming them into 'true worshipers' of our LORD Jesus Christ. Beloved, we are living in the most interesting time in history where God's glory is moving in an unusual way. The day of His power where men will carry His glory literally to the streets and market places. I see God already moving, touching lives... get ready for this power because it's not exclusively reserved for the clergy alone; you too is a partaker. Worship with us at The Treasure Pavilion Ministries- a hall of transformation. It promises to catapult you to your glorious destiny in God. The word is mighty & God via the Prophetic mantle upon my life is liberating destinies oppressed of the devil and his cohorts. Fellowship in any of our branches & let's have your comments, suggestions and prayer request via mail to:            



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● Why you mustn’t miss today’s Night of Justice @ 10pm!

Rewriting Decrees

A night with the King!


Several times in the scripture, you will see how God used Prophets in the Old Testament to wrought diverse deliverance for His people. For instance, the account on the Israelite’s bondage by the Egyptians for a period of over 400 years is a spectacular event that shook the entire world till date. God saw the afflictions of his people and when it was time to rewrite decrees, He sent a man by name Moses. Notice, God did not come down Himself, He only sent a man. Meaning, men are God’s calendar for divine programs on earth. Moses was God’s tool for deliverance. In the entire universe, satan is our arch enemy who does not let his captives go free. But here comes Jesus who came to destroy the works of satan that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

Today, God is still in that same business of liberating men and women from every form of satanic harassment. By the mouth of the priest, every controversy shall be settled. It doesn’t matter how long the situation have been, as you step your feet into Higher Treasure pavilion tonight, you won’t find them anymore. Today, God has given His servant a mandate. He is not just an Apostle but a parabolic prophet, a custodian of God’s power. There will be raw miracles and unusual manifestations of His power as the paraphernalia of heaven invades earth today. By the time God is through with you in our tonight’s night of justice, satan would ever regret touching you in the first place.  Get ready to attend! Don’t miss it. Carry the lame, maim, blind, cripple, deaf and dumb, sick and oppressed to Night of justice.

The theme for tonight’s night of justice isRewriting decrees. Every evil hand writing and ordinances the enemy levied against you shall be rewritten by God’s servant- Rev. Obi Peters. This is not hype, ask questions. A lot of testimonies are slamming the threshold of our ministry from different cardinals of Nigeria and beyond, of how the mantle on his life altered the course of their destiny. Who amongst us is thirsty for this touch? Do I have a man or woman who is tired of his circumstances? Find your way to the venue today.



1.Every faulty foundation that has held you down shall be destroyed.

2. Struggle in the service of God and his purpose for your life shall be lifted for God’s will to prevail.

3. Death in career, business, marriages, health and finances shall be broken by God’s mighty power.

4. Near to success syndrome, witchcraft and occultic manipulation shall be permanently destroyed.

5. Delay in child birth, miscarriages and broken homes shall be healed.

6. Breakthrough in career and contracts shall be released.

7. You shall be equipped with the tools to walk in dominion in life and fulfill your divine assignment.

8. Deliverance from spirit wife and husband, failures and disappointments ,shall be silenced permanently.

 9. Miracle call for jobs and bank alerts, contracts, promotions in career and all-round advancement shall be delivered to you.

10. All-round restoration in years of losses.

Be there on time! 10pm at HIGHER TREASURE PAVILION INC, 32 ezenei avenue opp. dwell filling station Asaba.

For Inquiries call :  08060182922

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 29th  NOV. - DEC5th   2021

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